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Lighthouse maximizes revenue and minimizes effort for independent hotels

We know every independent hotel is unique and has its own charm, regardless of size or location. Our products can help you maximize your hotel's revenue potential and automate tasks, giving you more time to focus on providing exceptional guest experiences.
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Price with confidence, automatically

Lighthouse recommends the right room rates effortlessly with automated, dynamic pricing tailored to your hotel. With the most comprehensive data in the industry, there is no second guessing.

Manage your booking channels effectively and efficiently

Lighthouse maximizes online visibility with access to 200+ OTAs and a direct Booking Engine, and eliminates time-consuming administration and overbookings with centralized channel management.

Make sense of your market

Lighthouse gives independent hotels clarity in an increasingly complex market, with data insights on competitor rates and traveler demand.

We’re here to help around the clock

Lighthouse ensures peace of mind across all time zones with a dedicated global customer support team. When you need us, we're here to help.

Trusted by 65,000+ hospitality professionals

“Since Lighthouse’s tools went live at our property, I always have a live overview of both our compset’s pricing and our performance. That saves me about a week’s worth of time on data processing every month.”

Esteni Pitout

Revenue Manager at Boschendal Wine Estate

“The Lighthouse platform is an investment with a very quick ROI. If you take advantage of the platform, you’ll always have access to live market and competitor information. Since implementing Market Insight, we’ve seen our ADR increase by between 10-15%.”

Beatriz Cadete

Revenue Manager at Inspira Liberdade Boutique Hotel

“Lighthouse’s tools help you save time, optimize your positioning and drive revenue. This gives you a huge advantage over your competition and allows you to get and stay ahead of them.”

Ashfaq Ashique

Revenue and Distribution Manager at Furaveri Maldives

“The central management of prices and availability on different booking channels has saved us a lot of time and effort. It has allowed us to optimize our distribution.”

Jeffrey Van Vooren

Carlton Hotel Ghent

“We highly recommend the Channel Manager to everyone working with 2 or more channels. You have a direct view of your reservations, you can implement rate parity and make sure your hotel doesn't get overbooked.”

Angelina Motzo

XO Hotels

Why Lighthouse?

Accurate, real-time data you can trust

We provide the most comprehensive, complete and reliable data in the travel and hospitality industry

Simple, intuitive tools to save you time

Our easy to use, real-time dashboards empower our partners to quickly identify and act on opportunities

The best customer support in the industry

With the highest-rated customer satisfaction in the industry we guarantee peace of mind, with live support no matter what time of day or time zone

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Effortlessly price your rooms with complete confidence

With 365 days of automated rate recommendations optimized to your hotel, market, competitors and rules, Pricing Manager maximizes your revenue, and minimizes your effort

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