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Harness the power of predictive, forward-looking search data to zero in on pivotal source markets. Capitalize on real-time booking intent and craft targeted advertising campaigns that truly resonate with potential guests.

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“Combining the use of Rate Insight with our other sales and marketing efforts results in a 20-30% increase in room sales on average for our hotel partners.”

Iñaki Gonzalez Arnejo

CEO and Founder of DOT Hotels

“Lighthouse puts so many detailed insights at our fingertips, we’ve started going deeper into the data. This gives us a well-rounded understanding of our key revenue drivers, the gaps and opportunities in our business strategy. This has helped us become more deliberate in our approach to pricing, sales and marketing.”

Will Jordan

Director of Revenue Management, Sales & Marketing at Wythe Hotel New York

“Since implementing Lighthouse, communication and collaboration between the sales, revenue, and marketing departments has drastically improved. This enables the creation of more data-based promotions and marketing initiatives to drive business.”

Adam Salem

Director, Commercial & Digital at Dur Hospitality

“By using real-time, market-demand data we have the tools to implement an effective strategy where we can make confident decisions and get the maximum ROI out of our actions.”

Imran Khan

E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Manager at Oaga Art Resort Maldives

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