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Channel Manager

Optimizing visibility, rates and channel distribution for independent hoteliers
Power effective distribution with optimized prices
Maximize online visibility with 200+ OTAs
Avoid overbookings thanks to synchronized availability
Increase commission-free direct bookings
OTA & 50+ PMS connections
average direct bookings
365 days
of optimized prices

How Channel Manager works

Save time. Manage & update listings, effortlessly.

Create your standard and derived rate plans and update restriction settings in bulk on the right channels for a chosen time period - all in just a few clicks.

Take your pricing strategy to the next level

Combine Lighthouse Pricing Manager with Channel Manager to optimize and automate your pricing based on market demand, your competition, and rules that you set.

Seamless synchronization, automated across channels

Ensure travelers always see correct availability across all of your distribution channels. Channel Manager eliminates overbookings, so your offerings are up-to-date.

Maintain a clear overview of online distribution

Enjoy an accurate overview of all your room types, rates, restrictions and availability from various channels in a single central dashboard. Simplify your decision making with total visibility.

Boost bookings and reduce commission costs

Expand and diversify your distribution mix with 200+ OTAs and increase your share of commission-free direct bookings with Booking Engine, complete with price comparison pop-up for maximum conversion.

Centralize your booking channels

Simplicity at its best. Channel Manager brings your booking platforms together in one streamlined view. Save time by administering bookings, rates, restrictions & availability in one place, without the worry of overbookings.

Distribute optimized prices

Effortless efficiency. Automatically push data-driven, tailored rate recommendations for the next year to all your connected channels. Our unified commercial platform simplifies profitable pricing with automated precision.

Maximize your visibility & increase bookings

Extend your reach. Channel Manager unlocks your property’s full booking potential with 200+ OTA connections and higher rankings on and Expedia. Add our direct Booking Engine to your website so you can offset commission costs.

Join thousands of properties that have optimized their distribution using Channel Manager.

“The central management of prices and availability on different booking channels has saved us a lot of time and effort. It has allowed us to optimize our distribution.”

Jeffrey Van Vooren

Carlton Hotel Ghent

“We highly recommend the Channel Manager to everyone working with two or more channels. You have a direct view of your reservations, you can implement rate parity and make sure your hotel doesn't get overbooked.”

Angelina Motzo

XO Hotels

“Channel Manager gives us an overview of the reservations from all our channels. This way, we can easily find out through which partner bookings are made. We would definitely recommend it.”

Mercure Hotel Blankenberge

“All bookings from different OTAs and from our own website are visible in one system, thereby avoiding double bookings. Our own website is the baseline and we add certain percentages to our prices on the OTAs. What’s beautiful about the Channel Manager is that it allows us to program our prices up to 1 or 2 years ahead in just a few clicks.”

Eddy Ternier

B&B Het Victorhuis

“When we look at our direct bookings, we can call our new website with Booking Engine a true success. We’ve seen an enormous increase in direct bookings of up to 30%.”

Dimitri Van Maele

Boutique Hotel ‘t Fraeyhuis

Channel Manager FAQs

How does Channel Manager work?

Simply put, Channel Manager pushes and pulls updates to and from the connected channels. The result? Synchronized settings and no more double bookings!

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