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Exceed client expectations with an intuitive, data-rich platform that enables seamless collaboration.
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Get real-time clarity across your entire portfolio

Lighthouse simplifies property management by bringing all your properties’ data together into a single platform so you can quickly analyze all elements impacting performance.

Maximize your team's efficiency

Lighthouse streamlines your data journey by putting all essential internal and external data points for your entire portfolio into a usable format. No more wasted hours compiling data. Dive straight into strategy that will elevate hotel performance.

Cultivate confidence and transparency with stakeholders

With an all in one solution, Lighthouse ensures your teams and stakeholders have a single, reliable source of truth.

How Lighthouse helps Hotel Management Companies

“We've been able to communicate our strategies and results more effectively with our partners. This has been critical for earning and keeping their trust.”

Scott Bogucki

Corporate Director of Revenue Management at Springboard Hospitality

“If you're doing it all manually, it's just an unnecessary waste of time; that's the whole proposition around any tool. It's essential to be able to tap into that data at the time that you need it and look for anomalies”

Hazel Rigler

Chief Commercial Director at Village Accommodation Group

"The data itself is dynamic and allows me to save a lot of time and allows you to focus on the actions and not on collecting and checking the accuracy of the data. You then have more time to test things and learn what the impact of your actions are."

Caroline Trolliet

Cluster Director of Business Strategy at Symphony Hotels Group

"It’s fantastic to have data from all properties cohesively organized in a single platform. No matter which brand or hotel we’re looking at, the information is ready in our standard format."

Donna Paraliticci

Regional Director of Sales and Revenue Management at Mid-Continent Hospitality

Why Lighthouse?

Accurate, real-time data you can trust

We provide the most comprehensive, complete and reliable data to the travel and hospitality industry

Simple, intuitive tools to save you time

Our easy to use, real-time dashboards empower customers to quickly identify and act on opportunities

The best customer support in the industry

With the highest-rated customer satisfaction in the industry we guarantee peace of mind, no matter what time zone you're in

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Optimize rates more efficiently

Rate Insight provides Hotel Management Companies with a portfolio dashboard aggregating pricing analytics and competitor rates for your entire portfolio, so you can more easily identify new revenue opportunities.

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