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Short-Term Rental Data Solutions

Global insights. Custom analysis. Precision-tailored to help you achieve your business goals.
Accelerate company growth
Inform strategic decisions
Maximize short-term rental revenue
Invest and outperform competitors
19 million+
Active short-term rentals tracked
9 of 12
Top OTAs globally are powered by our data
Days of forward-looking data - in addition to historical trends dating to 2018

Illuminate your short-term rental commercial strategy

We power OTAs, large property managers, hedge funds, real estate investors, and hospitality technology companies with an optimized data feed.

An unrivaled short-term rental database

We monitor 19 million+ active listings from Airbnb, Vrbo and, blending them with unique data feeds to create the most comprehensive short-term rental dataset on the market.

Data solutions, tailored to meet your needs

Need insights to fuel your business decisions? We have solutions for all your business requirements, including recurring reports, data feeds, and custom dashboards.

How Short-Term Rental Data Solutions works

Keep a pulse on your market and industry

Dive into market share and performance analytics for OTAs, PMSs, channel managers, and more to streamline your commercial strategy.

Benchmark your performance against your competitors

Analyze short-term rental supply, demand, pricing, and performance for your market or a competitor to optimize your rental or hotel portfolio.

Zero guesswork, maximum ROI

Investors, developers, and hoteliers leverage our data to assess competitive landscapes and pinpoint prime investment opportunities.

Identify top markets and segments

Get a full visualization of market inventory, distribution, and performance, with flexible filtering that enables side-by-side measurement.

Get a bird’s-eye view of the short-term rental landscape

Gain a comprehensive bird's-eye view of short-term rental management companies, whether you're focusing on a local market, a broader region, or the global landscape.

Trusted by 65,000+ hospitality professionals

“Lighthouse enables Frontdesk to model revenue potential of future markets, sub-markets & individual properties, and benchmark our existing properties. Accurate and reliable data with great support means that Lighthouse is becoming more & more central to our decision making.”


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Who uses Short-Term Rental Data Solutions?

OTAs and hospitality technology companies

Use Data Solutions to gain a competitive edge

Obtain a clear vision of supply and benchmark your performance

Multi-market property management companies

Use Data Solutions to inform growth strategies

Evaluate pricing strategies relative to competing properties

Hedge funds and real estate investors

Use Data Solutions to drive investment decisions

De-risk investments and steer commercial decision-making with future and historical short-term rental data

Short-Term Rental Data Solutions FAQs

What markets does Lighthouse cover?

We track data globally across the main OTAs, including Airbnb,, Vrbo, and Tripadvisor.

One platform for everything

Make the most of market demand

Lighthouse helps you understand market demand with accurate insights on hotel booking intent, allowing you to uncover new revenue opportunities.

Not quite there yet? Get started with our free dashboard
Learn headline performance metrics for any market globally

Rates, occupancy and revenue for your market or neighbors

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