How can predictive demand intelligence lead to improved forecasting accuracy, occupancy and RevPAR at your hotel?

A predictive market intelligence solution leverages forward-looking search data, so you can more effectively predict demand at your hotel.

Market Insight is the industry's first predictive market intelligence tool that captures hotel booking intent in real-time, to uncover new revenue opportunities with forward-looking data.

Market Insight utilizes a blend of cutting-edge data sources that aggregate constantly updated and precise search data from various channels, including OTAs, meta searches, global distribution systems (GDS), online reviews, rankings, flight searches, events, holidays, and short-term rental inventory data.

The solution is driven by a unique AI demand segmentation technology, which transforms billions of these forward-looking data points per destination into real-time demand levels, categorized by sub-location, stay patterns, and hotel types.

With lightning-fast, real-time streaming data sources, immediate alerts are generated when there are changes in demand, giving users an advantage in staying ahead of the curve.

This expedites the forecasting process and empowers you to swiftly grasp pre-booking market demand at your property. As a result, you can capitalize on revenue opportunities by adapting your pricing and marketing strategies to meet changing demand.

Every booking starts with a search and understanding pre-booking behavior is key to capturing reservations before your competitors.

By integrating Market Insight data into your forecasting process, you can spot and act on changes in demand up to 365 days ahead, without any manual input.

With this information, you can ensure you get your share of the market on both high and low-demand days by implementing the right strategy at the right time.

In fact, Market Insight not only increases your forecasting accuracy, it also improves both occupancy and RevPAR at your property.

How do we know that? We conducted two separate studies to find out.

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The significance of high-quality, forward-looking data cannot be overstated. Not only does it help mitigate risk with effective forecasting, but it also maximizes the potential for growth with a clear return on investment.

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With Market Insight, you can extend your window of opportunity while eliminating any doubt from your decision-making process, accurately forecast future trends, and gain invaluable insights that give you an edge over your competition.

Market Insight provides your team clarity and confidence to drive business growth and outperform the market.

Market Insight uses forward looking data to help hoteliers forecast with greater accuracy, increase their hotel occupancy and boost their RevPAR

Ready to forecast with confidence while boosting occupancy and RevPAR at your property?