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With an ever increasing volume of data at a destination's disposal, a DMO requires sophisticated and personalized data tools to inspire sustainable growth, marketing and management strategies effectively.

Built on the industry’s largest dataset of 19+ million active short-term rental listings, the Lighthouse Destination Insight dashboard offers bespoke insights to answer the needs of expert DMO stakeholders. We delve into the data analysis we have provided to many of our DMO customers to help them accomplish their destination’s goals. From identifying high-potential markets to understanding the capacity of the host infrastructure and neighboring cities, learn how destinations are using bespoke short-term rental analysis with Destination Insight for any market worldwide. 

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Why Destination Insight is the first stop for bespoke short-term rental analysis

Personalized data is essential for anyone looking for comprehensive destination intelligence. Tailored analysis provides specific and granular visibility for your specific segment allowing for precise understanding and action. Why request bespoke analysis?

  • Understand the relationship between professional and private listings with host size breakdowns and inventory analysis to develop effective policies and marketing strategies

  • Explore the dynamics of tourism demand based on origin countries through source market analysis

  • Visualize saturated areas and property concentration ("tensioned zones”) in your destination

  • Witness the shifting patterns and seasonality of demand performance by granular geographies

And more… Examples are good, but the fundamental benefit of bespoke analysis is that we can provide an answer to the exact challenge that you and your destination are facing. Our insights and analysis are based on the industry’s most extensive data set, and our analysis is pretty flexible - why not give us a challenge?!

How to request bespoke short-term rental analysis with destination insight

In a world where today data reigns supreme, destinations can excel with the targeted information and our clients have experienced this through: 

Overseas source markets analysis for short-term rentals

For many DMOs, the role of overseas offices is pivotal in promoting and advocating for their destinations in foreign countries. To effectively cater to these specific needs, Lighthouse has developed a comprehensive analysis feature designed to shed light on the dynamics of tourism demand based on the source countries. Here's an overview of this specialized product:

  • Top-Requested Locations This feature allows DMOs to identify the most sought-after regions or cities by tourists of different nationalities. By understanding these preferences, overseas offices can tailor their promotional strategies to target specific geographic areas effectively.

  • Average Accommodation Prices by Nationality: Knowing the average prices paid by travellers of different nationalities helps DMOs to adjust marketing and pricing strategies accordingly. It allows for customized targeting of budget-conscious travelers or those willing to invest more in their accommodations.

  • Seasonal Demand Fluctuations: Understanding how the demand fluctuates over the course of the year for different nationalities is key. This data enables overseas offices to anticipate peak seasons and off-peak periods, ensuring they can apply effort and resources when most effective.

  • Review Ratings by Nationality: Guest satisfaction is a critical factor in shaping a destination's reputation. Lighthouse's product analyzes review ratings by traveller nationality, helping overseas offices identify areas for improvement and track changes in guest satisfaction over time. This information is invaluable for enhancing the overall perception of the destination among different nationalities.

Host size & professionalized inventory analysis for short-term rentals

The landscape of tourist accommodations is evolving rapidly, with an increasing proportion of properties managed by professionals. In many destinations, professional management accounts for over 80% of the total inventory. This volume can change the competitive and management outlook in different areas. To gain insight into the distribution of professionalized and private inventory, Lighthouse has developed a comprehensive view allowing organizations and destinations to adapt their strategies accordingly. Understanding the interplay between professional and private listings is essential for developing effective policies and marketing strategies in the competitive tourism market.

Saturated areas heat map for short-term rentals– concentration of property analysis

In urban destinations, the issue of concentrated tourist accommodations, often referred to as "tensioned zones", has become a significant concern. Lighthouse has created heat maps to identify areas with high-density tourist housing by square kms.  This valuable information allows stakeholders to assess, for example, the impact on the local population's access to residential housing and measuring arbitrage revenues against rent and property values. 

Demand areas by season performance heat map for short-term rentals

Tourism demand within a country can be a complex puzzle, influenced by seasonal variations, public or school holidays, tourist preferences, and regional attractions or events. Lighthouse’s "Demand Heat Map" solution offers a comprehensive view of demand evolution across different regions throughout the year.

This tool has helped clients to understand shifting demand patterns, whether it's the allure of summer hiking in the mountains, water sports in the lakes, or the ski resorts in winter. By providing a monthly breakdown, it enables businesses and destinations to align their offerings with the ever-changing demands.

Customize your destination reporting with bespoke analysis

Our Destination Insight dashboard delivers the industry-leading dataset right to your fingertips. Within our sophisticated platform, an array of charts, maps and meticulously curated data points are presented, enabling comprehensive management and marketing strategies around short-term rentals in your market. You can utilize these set views to measure and map supply, analyze guest origins, look at past and project future performance, compare data with your neighbors and calculate short-term rental occupancy, ADR and revenue metrics. Further, recognizing the need for nuanced answers to destination-specific challenges, Lighthouse can even create bespoke short-term rental analysis to address your unique needs.

Ultimately, harnessing comprehensive and specific data is a game-changer for destinations looking to thrive in their competitive landscapes and drive sustainable growth.

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