Measure and map short-term rental supply in your destination

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Short-term rentals have never been a more relevant topic for DMOs. As they have grown in significance, supply and demand, and impacts have grown in complexity, data has never been more important in clarifying the picture.

Accordingly, Lighthouse provides this visibility in tailored and comprehensive dashboards. This data allows you to, amongst other use cases, measure and map short-term rental supply in your destination. Below, we unpick the how and the why.

How to measure & map short-term rental supply in your destination

Through a personalised destination data dashboard, you will have visibility over the full supply of short-term rentals in your market. Each listing across the 4 major OTAs (Airbnb,, Vrbo and TripAdvisor) is deduplicated and summarised for you to analyse and track.

Property type, subtype and host type filters for amenities and moreFurthermore, you are able to filter this total supply down to understand different inventory segments. Maybe you wish to compare the dominance of platforms, or track the growth of 2 bedroom apartments in a certain zip code – it’s all possible.

  • Deduplicated vacation rental property count & capacity

  • Review scores and counts

  • Filter by property type, subtype, bedrooms, OTA & more

  • Visualise distribution & performance in an interactive map

Why measure & map short-term rental supply in your destination?

So, you can fully visualise vacation rental significance and distribution in your destination – why should you care?

  • Understanding property and capacity counts, and their evolution can inform on saturated areas, residential impacts and social sustainability, allowing you to get ahead of trends.

  • Property visibility and platform distribution gives the opportunity to identify those units that may be operating outside of regulation or restriction.

  • Users can track professional (or multi-property) hosts versus single/homeowners.

  • Property types and sizes – and their concentrations – can lend some insight to demand types.

  • The above can help to shape marketing campaigns and track any supply impact.

  • Paired with our performance metrics, supply data can paint a full picture of revenues and impacts across your market.

Want to learn more about monitoring performance, visitors, benchmarking against other destinations or tracking and projecting trends? Book a demo call or read about how other destinations have implemented Lighthouse data for success and discover how our data can fit your needs.

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