Short-term rental destination data: real success stories from DMOs like you

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“When I think about efficient decision making I always think the use of information and data is central to this." -Visit Benidorm

"Benidorm has been monitoring holiday homes since 2018 because for us it was essential to have this knowledge that we had of the hotel accommodation sector, apartment buildings and campsites. We needed to have a compact view of tourist accommodation." – Visit Benidorm

Staying ahead requires innovative solutions that simplify complex market data and enhance result-driven efficiency. The Lighthouse Destination Insight dashboard has been meticulously designed to meet the managerial, marketing and reporting needs of DMOs. In fact it is trusted by 9 of the top 12 OTAs globally, making it the world’s most extensive short-term rental destination data provider. Empowering short-term rental businesses to advance in an increasingly competitive industry, the dashboard gathers key data insights for DMOs and tourism bodies to understand alternative accommodations in their market.

And what better way to help you understand our value than through the powerful testimonials of customers and the ways they have achieved growth with Lighthouse solutions.

Destination Insight guides impact, promotion, regulation & sustainability strategies

In recent years, DMOs have undergone a significant transition. In sum, they have evolved from being solely focused on promotion to assuming a crucial role in destination management. Destination Insight effectively addresses both aspects, aiding in promotional efforts by providing insights into traveller profiles, assessing the efficacy of campaigns and events, and offering various other functionalities. Furthermore, it facilitates destination management by enabling the monitoring and evolution of the burgeoning impact of vacation rentals. This capability assists in meeting regulatory requirements and fostering the development of a sustainable industry.

Decision-making requires inventory data over time through values like traveller origin, listing performance revenues and more. By possessing this understanding, our clients craft an overall picture that informs decisions and assesses the overall performance and sustainability of the destination’s tourism industry.  

“Short term rentals hold a slightly different part of the market to hotels so it’s useful for us to have that more complete picture. We have found correlations in wider seasonal travel patterns and the visitor profile/occupancy/ADR of short term rentals.” 

“Being able to tell the inventory story to partners around the state is very helpful. . . It has helped paint a more holistic picture of lodging in Utah.” 

By all means your solutions need to go beyond surface-level information, diving deep into the holistic intricacies of destination metrics, giving your DMO the competitive edge it needs to stay ahead in a dynamic industry. What kind of Lighthouse data helps our clients to grow? 

  • Track traveller origin

  • Measure & map rental supply

  • Monitor occupancy & ADR

  • Track listing activity & revenues

  • Measure economic impacts

  • Compare with other destinations

  • Track marketing campaigns

  • Request bespoke analyses

Achieving DMO goals with Destination Insight

From DMOs to managers to hospitality professionals, our software has become an essential tool in assessing the economic and social influence of tourism and making informed choices to ensure a gratifying and sustainable experience for both tourists and residents. 

“We use Lighthouse data in our monthly reports to partners, the forward looking trends and pacing allow us to see when there might be higher concentrations of tourists visiting London and it helps our partners plan around events.

“Being able to tell the inventory story to partners around the state is very helpful. It is also helpful to understand visitor lodging preferences for marketing initiatives. The lodging and housing inventory transcends tourism as well – housing affordability in many communities is a concern; it is important to have data to help inform solutions.

Overall there are three kinds of sustainability: social, economic & environmental. Specifically the social “pillar” is related to the impact that too many vacation rentals can create. This can include resident disturbances, increases in pricing and lack of longer-term housing. In particular our clients in Utah emphasize the value of monitoring the metrics dependent on the social pillar of sustainability.  

Every year demand increases for a wealth of specific, granular and trending insights that allow you to fine-tune your management and marketing strategies, optimize resource allocation, and deliver exceptional experiences to your visitors– if you apply them wisely.

Clients’ most valued Destination Insight features

From accurate and up-to-date information to intuitive search functionalities, our customers found immense value in accessing reliable destination data for their diverse needs. So take a moment to learn how our most prized features have transformed decision-making processes and elevated strategy to new heights. 

Occupancy, ADR and pacing are useful for the general health of the industry. Future look helps us plan for busier times. Visitor profiling/visitor origins and experience has become more relevant to our business need recently.”

“The evolution of the number of properties, occupancy, average prices. But without a doubt, being able to see this data on the competition as a benchmarking tool is also very useful. . . Lighthouse sources allow for a practically complete visualisation of marketing, which for me is the key.”

Visit Benidorm

Particularly, with precise and current information at their fingertips, DMOs like these are elevating their strategies. In addition to this, choices are becoming more informed and based on the most comprehensive data around the globe.

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Starting with destination data: What to know about your next short-term rental destination data provider

Don’t just take our word for it! Before embarking on your own journey with our destination data, why not hear what our valued  clients have to say. Let their testimonials guide you in understanding the incredible potential that awaits you when you choose to incorporate the extent of our destination data into your growing business:

“The Lighthouse team is incredibly responsive and eager to make the product work for users. We have appreciated the quick turn around and communication as we have worked with the team for the last couple of years.”

“We have spent time working with Lighthouse to tailor the dashboard to meet our business needs. This flexibility is something we haven’t had with other data partners.”

In order to ensure successful collaboration, DMO need responsiveness, genuine interest and understanding in meeting their needs, clear communication, and flexibility, have Lighthouse guide you.

Let Lighthouse be your next short-term rental destination data provider

Indeed, a well-curated and comprehensive destination data set is your way to gain access to a valuable resource. For this reason it increases your chances of getting ahead of trends with market intelligence and analysis. In brief, partnering with an STR data provider is essential to maintain large volumes of destination data. That way you can allocate reliable information and services to stakeholders appropriately. 

In any event if you’re looking to revolutionize your approach to your destination with data, hopefully the testimonies from Lighthouse customers have given you a better understanding on how our Destination Insight dashboard will help your short-term rental data provider needs. Take the first steps towards smarter decision-making around promotion, regulation, sustainability and impact.

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