Track & Analyze Guest Origins in your Short-Term Rental Market with Destination Data

With destination visitor data more accessible than ever, it is becoming a firm foundation for strategic thinking in destination marketing organizations.

 In detail, DMOs are adopting more automated and intelligible methods to manage, market and report on the trends, behaviors and preferences of their visitors. Accordingly, Lighthouse equips destination bodies with the ability to learn all of the details of who is staying where, when. As a result, destination and tourism bodies will define the most effective marketing, benchmarking and distribution strategies to better reach these audiences.  Below, learn why and how to track and analyze guest origins in your short-term rental market with destination data. 

  • How to track & analyze guest origins in your destination

  • Why track & analyze guest metrics in your destination

Explore all the benefits of destination data.

How to track & analyze guest origins in your destination

Through a personalized dashboard, insights are gained on your guests as a visitor blueprint to your proposed actions. By and large, Lighthouse data is scanned from over 17 million active listings across four of the major OTAs (Airbnb,, Vrbo, TripAdvisor).

At length measure the impact of your marketing and reporting investment thanks to monthly reports on: 

  • Origin country of travellers

  • Accommodation size by nationality

  • Guest spend by nationality

  • Seasonality by country

  • International vs. Domestic trends

  • Metrics to tailor & measure campaigns (e.g. events)

Track & Analyze Guest Origins in your Short-Term Rental Market with Destination Data- Vacation rental total reviews and international vs domestic demand by month metrics

Thereupon through our datasets, our partnered destinations obtain profiles on estimated traveller demographics. Furthermore, users gain insight from the distribution of domestic and international guests in a selected market.

Why track & analyze guest metrics in your destination

Destination guest origin data allows for gauging priority markets and the trends coming out of every market. As a critical stage of a destination marketers strategic planning, what leverage would tracking guest origin metrics give you

Understanding traveller demographics with our dataset holds an army of advantages over your competitors:

Advantages in understanding traveller demographics

  • Select marketing priorities by understanding which nationalities are visiting

  • Tailor marketing campaigns according to when & how guests of certain origins are visiting

  • Identify additional target guest demographics from similar or competing destinations

  • Track & project visitor demographic trends

  • Inform research with visitor types & seasonality

  • Account for economic sustainability by applying spend by guest origin and seasonality

  • Promote sustainable tourism for your destination by targeting domestic/ local initiatives

  • Understand how your destination is distinguished from your neighbors; relative strengths and weaknesses

  • Measure the effectiveness of all your marketing & management campaigns

  • Allocate resources for future strategic priorities – translation capabilities, partnerships etc

  • Analyze impact of events or occasions 

All in all, guest origin data holds a holistic and essential role in shaping your operations and marketing approach. In essence, destination organizations gain an elevated perspective to confidently apply to their tactical strategies, and stand to achieve a greater degree of success. 

Occupancy, ADR and pacing are useful for the general health of the industry. Future look helps us plan for busier times. Visitor profiling/visitor origins and experience has become more relevant to our business need recently.”


Moreover vacation rental booking trends show the quantity of international travellers has increased after long disruption from the pandemic. As a result, destination management organizations are absorbing solutions like origin data, predictive modelling and geospatial analytics. So, understand global market penetration and tourist flow by exploring our Destination Insight Dashboard and booking a demo below.

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