Calculate short-term rental occupancy, ADRs & revenue in your destination

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The capacity for effective managerial and marketing action corresponds to your assessment on a destination’s performance and positioning in a data-based manner.

The role of Lighthouse is to make accommodation intelligence more accessible, accurate and digestible, covering all the blindspots pertaining to a destination’s short-term rental demand and profitability. Accordingly, allowing destinations to seamlessly calculate short-term rental occupancy, ADRs & revenue. 

Consequently with industry growth and the anticipation of a cash infusion from high-yield investors in certain property rental markets, this visibility is only growing in importance. So, traverse the landscape of every destination’s marketing, managerial, insight and reporting needs.

How to measure occupancy, ADRs & revenue in your destination

Conceptualize the inventory, reservations and profit ecosystems in destinations through a personalized destination data dashboard. 

In sum, Lighthouse provides customers with comprehensive KPIs specially designed for destination bodies from scanning 17 million active listings. More specifically, our data spans across the 4 major OTAs (Airbnb,, Vrbo and TripAdvisor). As a result, you build an accurate picture of short-term rentals in any market globally.

Calculate occupancy, ADR, length of stay and year over year variations in reservation windows

We give insight into the competitive relevance of alternative accommodations. Moreover, how to optimize strategy and performance accordingly whether your focus is marketing, management or research in your destination. Gain a comprehensive yet succinct understanding of your markets so you know exactly in what context to boost your strategy– with provision such as: 

  • Reveal highest & lowest performing destinations & “saturated” areas

  • Assess different segments to calculate revenue, profit or taxes

  • Analyze demand metrics like reservation window, length of stay (LoS) & more

  • Monitor the evolution of reservations, rates & revenues 

  • Track marketing campaign or events impact & performance

Why measure occupancy, ADRs & revenue in your destination

Utilizing our extensive hotel and property data, the Destination Insight dashboard equips you with full accommodation context. Above all, our destination data yields the power to position your management, marketing or research with insight you need to…

  • Gauge & optimize your destination marketing campaigns to drive more traffic

  • Gain a benchmark from similar or comparable destinations

  • Leverage demand and pacing trends with a birds-eye-view to increase reservations 

  • Confidently predict and strategize for demand & revenue performance 

  • Preemptively identify indicators of market demand & economic fluctuations to strategize & act with forewarning

Track occupancy and average daily price evolutions by destinationLastly, explore how destinations have successfully used Lighthouse data to reinforce their destinations’ full potential. To that end, click below to magnify the vital metrics your destination and accommodation strategies require:

Measure short-term rental and data metrics in your destination