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Customer Spotlight: Marc & Rose Hospitality

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How Marc & Rose Hospitality optimizes commercial strategies and taps into new revenue opportunities with Rate and Market Insight

Lighthouse’s comprehensive business intelligence platform has helped this hotel ownership company eliminate rate disparity, detect emerging demand trends and improve collaboration across commercial departments.

Key Results:

  • Achieved over 98% rate parity within 90 days of implementing Rate Insight

  • Stronger, more productive collaboration between sales, marketing and revenue teams

  • Forward-looking demand data improves ability to realize untapped revenue opportunities

About Marc & Rose Hospitality

Marc & Rose Hospitality is a brand deeply rooted in heartfelt hospitality and captivating locations with 7 hotels throughout the American West.

When Jeff Young joined the company as the VP of Revenue Management in January 2023, he identified several opportunities. They included implementing best-in-class decision support solutions for his department, reducing rate disparity cases and optimizing internal processes, so revenue, sales, and marketing teams could work more effectively on maximizing the company’s topline. 

We had a chat with Jeff to find out which role Lighthouse’s business and market intelligence tools played in achieving these goals.

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Well-presented live data for quick, informed pricing decisions


Some of the revenue management and business intelligence tools Marc & Rose relied on in the past only provided static data in a daily snapshot. Especially in dynamic markets, this overview was often outdated after a few hours. This left the team in the dark and meant they regularly had to spend additional time on manual research.


Having worked with the Lighthouse platform in previous roles, Jeff knew Rate Insight was the ideal solution in this situation. The tool shows live, accurate pricing data for Marc & Rose properties and their competitors. On top of that, the seven-day rate variance reveals changes in the market and provides reference points for strategy or price updates. Lastly, Rate Insight allows for in-depth price comparisons and analysis by room class, giving a better understanding of each category’s current potential. 


  • Immediate access to the freshest data to inform pricing decisions and strategy changes

  • Accurate comparison with competitors’ corresponding room types

  • Consolidated live pricing data in a single platform saves time and effort

“Rate Insight’s pricing data visualization is extremely powerful. Whether it’s for our weekly meetings, strategy reviews or a discussion on the fly, the tool offers an ideal format for each situation. Since the data is live, we can even track and react to our Comp Set’s last-minute offers or same-day price changes,” says Jeff Young, VP of Revenue Management at Marc & Rose.

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Rate Insight helps identify and solve rate disparity cases


Rate disparity was a key issue costing Marc & Rose revenue and direct bookings. While they knew it was critical to address this topic, it was impossible for the small team to search for, identify and resolve all disparity cases manually. 


The parity tab within Rate Insight provided the efficient and effective solution Jeff’s team needed to fight rate disparity. On top of revealing parity issues, the tool lets them drill down and examine each case. This makes it possible to quickly solve cases and identify distribution partners with higher incidences of disparity due to undercutting or unbundling. 


  • Improved to 98% Parity across portfolio within 90 days of implementing Rate Insight

  • Ability to identify, research and address rate disparity in just a few clicks

  • Re-evaluation of distribution partnerships to avoid future disparity cases

“Thanks to the parity tab in Rate Insight we’ve almost eliminated rate disparity. The tool also helped us become more structured and intentional in how we use OTA promotions and choose our distribution partners.”

Comprehensive, accessible data improves collaboration across commercial departments


Like at many other hotel management companies, the revenue, sales, and marketing teams at Marc & Rose Hospitality used many different systems in their daily work. This created a siloed set-up where it wasn’t always easy to share data and work on strategies across departments. 


Market Insight proved to be the ideal solution as it offers comprehensive forward-looking market and demand data. Combined with the platform’s live event calendar, this provides a well-rounded picture of future business opportunities that’s relevant for all commercial departments.


  • Easy access to live market and demand data fosters communication between sales, revenue and marketing teams

  • Improved cooperation among commercial teams leads to more targeted promotions and pricing strategies

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“Market Insight adds immense value across the organization because it brings together important information in a single easy-to-use platform. The combination of demand data and the live event calendar helps us prepare for both direct demand and overflow business when we’re not prospecting for groups. That’s especially valuable in markets with limited capacity where even small events have a big impact.”

Seizing more revenue opportunities with forward-looking market data


Systems providing static data sets in hard-to-read formats made it difficult for Marc & Rose’s commercial team to adapt to or foresee demand trends that went beyond established travel seasons. With markets having become more dynamic and less predictable, this led to missed opportunities. 


Market Insight provides the live forward-looking market and demand data revenue, sales and marketing teams need to form well-rounded strategies. The platform reveals how demand is developing and shows travel intent by source market. Its smart Comp Set feature allows for flexible comparisons with competitors, depending on the market. With these insights, the team can get ahead of the curve to optimize pricing and promotions well before demand is even reflected on the books. 


  • Ability to use travel intent data to shape pricing and distribution strategies

  • Opportunity to target specific source markets with promotions to drive more business

  • Chance to understand and adapt Comp Set comparisons depending on market development

“Lighthouse’s data has become a critical part of our daily commercial decision-making. Being able to see which markets are getting ready to book, how demand is developing overall and how our competitors are reacting is invaluable. And the fact that it’s all live and accessible via one straightforward platform allows us to seize revenue opportunities our Comp Set doesn’t even know exist".

"Rate disparity was a key issue costing Marc & Rose revenue and direct bookings. While they knew it was critical to address this topic, it was impossible for the small team to search for, identify and resolve all disparity cases manually."

"Improved to 98% Parity across portfolio within 90 days of implementing Rate Insight."

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