Unlocking the power of short-term rental data: A new approach to predicting demand at your hotel

How do short-term rental reservations influence hotel demand and occupancy rates in the hospitality industry, and how can you use it to gain a competitive edge?

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What is in the whitepaper?

  • Data showing that short-term rental accommodation is booked earlier than hotels, which then indicates rising demand for hotels in the same area.

  • How observing the booking rate of short-term rentals can provide valuable insights to determine whether to adjust rates based on how strong the pick-up rate is relative to the hotel market.

  • Examination of hotel and Airbnb lag period and pick-up curve variation in different geographical markets.

  • Analysis of the drivers behind Airbnb accommodation being booked before hotels and divergent market behavior.

Why should I read this whitepaper?

When analyzing hotel and short-term rental data, our data science team has uncovered a game-changing trend for the hotel industry - short-term rental bookings start to pick up before hotel bookings in most major markets.

You can now gain a competitive edge over your traditional Comp Set by monitoring short-term rental occupancy in Rate Insight as it indicates when hotel demand will pick up in your market.

You can then adjust your pricing and marketing strategy for the appropriate periods of time ahead of your competition.