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Customer Spotlight: Primehotels

Prime hotels Customer story

“Lighthouse is a game-changer not only because of their excellent business intelligence tools but also because they are always striving to improve for their customers.”

Pascal Gaudio | Revenue and Distribution Manager

About Primehotels

We spoke with Pascal Gaudio, Revenue and Distribution Manager at Primehotels in Finland, to learn about how and why he uses the Lighthouse Business Intelligence business intelligence (BI) tool and what he thinks truly sets Lighthouse apart from their competition. We find out how Primehotels has been able to unlock actionable insights and boost efficiency in its revenue department.

Primehotels is a privately held Finnish company which owns, builds and operates unique upscale hotels across Finland. The promise of heartfelt hospitality and attentive service in a refined setting has made Primehotels one of Finland’s leading independent hotel collections.

Staying ahead of the game

I first heard about Lighthouse at a conference I attended several years ago. Their Rate Insight tool intrigued me and after testing it, I realized it was like nothing else in the market because it was so innovative and way ahead of the competition.

Since joining Primehotels, we’ve implemented Rate Insight at all seven of our hotels and just three months ago, we also started using Lighthouse Business Intelligence. Working with Lighthouse is a logical choice for us because they share our value of continuous improvement in the way they capitalize on the latest technological developments to upgrade their product. Since we first adopted their tools, Lighthouse’s team has been working tirelessly to further refine their tools and give their customers a competitive edge in the market. Lighthouse’s desire to provide the best business intelligence tool possible has led them to create a market-leading product, and with their help, we want to do the same.

Prime hotels Customer story

"In revenue management, we need to make quick decisions, Lighthouse's fast responses are very valuable."

Unparalleled levels of customer service

From my first interaction with Lighthouse’s team, I’ve been impressed with their friendliness and positive can-do attitude. Whatever question we have, there is always someone there to answer it and if there is an issue, they solve it as quickly as possible. Especially in revenue management, where we need to make quick decisions, their fast responses are very valuable.

Their team is also keen on our feedback and suggestions. Many new features and updates are a direct result of their direct exchange with clients and show they take our needs very seriously. Lighthouse’s high level of customer service makes us feel very valued as clients and has resulted in a strong relationship with them. When you are looking for partners or service providers, you want them to share your values. In Lighthouse we have found such a partner.

Empowering business intelligence

Lighthouse Business Intelligence has proven to be a powerful BI tool to analyze our data. Lighthouse Business Intelligence makes it much easier and faster to get exactly the figures we want to concentrate on.

The tool is very user-friendly and provides accurate, complete information in only a couple of clicks. Now, instead of slowly going through our system to find the information we need, we can choose which data to see and use it to quickly make decisions regarding pricing and distribution. Of course, revenue managers still have to make their own decisions, but Lighthouse Business Intelligence gives you the tools and data you need to make better choices faster.

"I think every revenue manager should try Lighthouse’s business intelligence tools and see for themselves. Once they experience the ease-of-use, dependable data and customer service, they will be convinced."

Prime hotels Customer story

Impactful, efficient reporting

Since using Lighthouse Business Intelligence, we have become much more efficient at creating reports. We can customize which data is displayed and how it’s arranged. This means we no longer have to run multiple cumbersome reports to create the summaries and overviews we need.

As of now, we have only been using Lighthouse Business Intelligence for three months, but even in this short time, there have already been updates which have added new options for customisation. This is great because it allows us to do our work the way we want as a company, rather than having to adapt our approach to a tool because of its limitations.

I think every revenue manager should try Lighthouse’s business intelligence tools and see for themselves. Once they experience the ease-of-use, dependable data and customer service, they will be convinced.

"Primehotels needed a way to analyze their data effectively and efficiently, with the ability to make quick decisions based on accurate and complete information. Creating reports was a cumbersome task for Primehotels, as they had to run multiple reports to create the summaries and overviews they needed."

"Lighthouse's Business Intelligence tool provided Primehotels with easier and faster data analysis, offering accurate, complete information in only a couple of clicks, enabling quick decision-making. With Lighthouse's Business Intelligence solution, Primehotels became much more efficient at creating reports, as they could customize which data is displayed and how it's arranged, eliminating the need to run multiple cumbersome reports."

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