From OTA Insight to Lighthouse: Illuminating a brighter path for the travel & hospitality industry

Embarking on a new journey

Over the past decade, OTA Insight has expanded our team and platform through the creation of market defining products and strategic acquisitions, each bringing new capabilities and expertise to our clients and partners.

We’ve transformed from a rate shopping tool into a comprehensive, enterprise-grade commercial platform that reimagines how the travel & hospitality industry approaches data and strategic decision making.

Today, we are a company of over 500 employees, spread throughout eight global offices with hundreds of remote team members, serving over 65,000 hospitality clients. We have evolved, but our name hasn’t kept pace, which is why we have chosen to rebrand as Lighthouse.

Why Lighthouse?

The decision to rebrand as Lighthouse is about embracing our true identity and accurately reflecting our expanded scope of offerings. 

The name Lighthouse was chosen to symbolize the company’s role in illuminating insights, turning confusion into clarity, and enabling confident decision making.

As Lighthouse, we bring the most accurate, real-time data from multiple sources into a single platform, process that data using the latest AI and machine learning techniques, and complement it with amazing customer service. 

This change marks a key milestone on our mission to reimagine commercial strategy for the travel & hospitality industry.

Here’s what’s changing

  • Our name: the name Lighthouse was chosen to symbolize the company’s role in illuminating insights, transforming confusion into clarity, and enabling confident decision making.

  • Our brand identity: our new brand is bold, yet straightforward and approachable, much like our platform. Lighthouse represents modern design, embraces simplicity, and celebrates innovation.

  • Our logo:  made up of three beams that bend and reflect, the data stream icon was designed to symbolize the change in perspective provided by light refracting off of a surface, as well as the continuous flow of data. 

  • Our platform: we’ve seamlessly consolidated various products and data sets into a single commercial platform with an improved user experience.

A promise of innovation, and insights you can trust

So, what hasn’t changed? Our brand promise has always been to listen to our customers, continually innovate, and deliver the best customer service in the industry. While we may have a new name, and new capabilities, our core values remain the same. 

We see our clients as true partners, with your success being the driving force behind our unyielding desire to deliver the best possible commercial platform for revenue professionals, hospitality operators, short-term rental companies, investors and asset managers.

We envision a hospitality world where data-driven decisions become the norm, and where every property, no matter its size, has the tools to compete effectively and efficiently. 

As Lighthouse, we're here to help you see the data more clearly, make decisions faster, and drive more revenue.

Welcome to the new era of hospitality intelligence.

Welcome to Lighthouse.

Transform Your Commercial Strategy

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