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Rate Insight is your one stop shop to get competitor insights, analyze rate evolution trends, predict market demand and spot parity issues.

Price with confidence and capture more revenue with the industry's most real-time hotel and short-term rental rate data, all in user-friendly dashboards.

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  • Event, holiday calendars, and online reputation data that influence rates

  • Parity monitoring that can spot discrepancies up to 12 months in advance

Why Rate Insight

  • Capture more revenue with total visibility into short-term rental and hotel pricing data

  • Easily identify pricing opportunities in a user-friendly dashboard 

  • Track competitor pricing and discounting strategies over time with 300,000+ hotel profiles available 

  • Quickly spot parity issues and solve them before they impact your bottom line

  • Understand market trends with 700,000+ local events in a color-coded Events Calendar

  • Stop wasting time switching back and forth between data sources - all the insights you need in one tool

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“Rate Insight saves me a week’s worth of time every month by automating data collection and collation.”

Esteni Pitout

Revenue Manager at Boschendal Wine Estate


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“We can get an idea about the market from talking to people, and by having an instinctual sense, but beyond that, as a revenue manager, we need real data.”

Rajdeep Roy

Director of Revenue at Radisson Dubai DAMAC Hills

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