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  • Experience a +2.3% average growth in yearly RevPAR

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“As soon as we added Market Insight to our tech stack, it became a lot easier to see demand trends emerge and adjust our strategies well in advance."

Beatriz Cadete

Revenue Manager at Inspira Liberdade Boutique Hotel


increase in ADR since implementing Market Insight

“Being able to see when and where our bookings will be coming from helps us allocate our resources to the most promising markets. That has considerably increased our ROI on ad spend and sales initiatives.”

Ashafq Ashique

Revenue and Distribution Manager at Furaveri Maldives

“Market Insight’s forward-looking demand data is extremely helpful for forming and adjusting our pricing and distribution strategies.”

Takafumi Kondo

Cluster Director of Revenue Management at Pacifica Capital

“With the help of real-time forward-looking data, we can quickly adapt to new market situations, seize new revenue opportunities or see where we’re currently missing out."

Maurílio Barreto

Revenue and Environmental Manager at The Views Hotels

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