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Benchmark Insight

Navigate the new era of performance benchmarking with confidence.
Spot competitive trends and take action
Benchmark KPIs to strategize with certainty
Take action faster with instant performance comparison
Grow market share by spotting new opportunities

Pinpoint high impact focus areas for your team

Transform data into insightful recommendations. Benchmark Insight saves you time, so you can focus your efforts where it counts: strategic decision-making.

Unlock opportunities with full competitor insights

Immediately understand occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR performance versus your competition. Know where to find opportunities and where to act.

An insights engine that works for you

Embrace instant competitive clarity. Benchmark Insight eliminates long load times, spreadsheet downloads, and long training cycles.

How Benchmark Insight works

Play the strategy game with confidence

Benchmark Insight's unrivaled data sets silence any doubts. With market and compset benchmarking, welcome to a world of certainty.

Intuitive user experience

Benchmark Insight moves beyond static charts into visual storytelling, fueling better communication across internal teams, owners, and stakeholders.

Improve decision making

Dive into performance analysis with Benchmark Insight. Get stay date, segment, pickup, and pace insights at your fingertips.

Ensure precise analysis, every time

Say goodbye to outdated analysis. Benchmark Insight is mapped to your PMS ensuring the freshest, most accurate data, and reporting standards customized to your hotel.

One-stop shop for commercial strategy

No need to toggle between tools anymore. Simplify your decision-making process with Benchmark Insight's seamless integration into the Lighthouse platform.

Benchmark Insight FAQs

What KPIs can I see in Benchmark Insight?

As well as competition and own-brand occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR performance, Benchmark Insight also shows your MPI (Market Penetration Index), ARI (Average Room Index) and RGI (Revenue Generating Index).

One platform for everything

Make the most of market demand

Lighthouse helps you understand market demand with accurate insights on hotel booking intent, allowing you to uncover new revenue opportunities.

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