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Lighthouse provides short-term rental data for your destination

Understand short-term rental trends in your market. Enhance your DMO's marketing with insights on supply, demand, and performance.
Trusted by DMOs, travel & tourism boards, and convention and visitors bureaus across the globe
Leading DMOs trust Destination Insight for short-term rental data
19 million+
Active short-term rental listings tracked
Reports and dashboards for your market data

Grasp the impact of short-term rentals on your destination

Supply visualizations, performance breakdowns, and trend analysis all contribute to shaping your sustainable growth strategy.

Sharpen your marketing campaign strategies

Visitor origin trends, demand types, and competitor insights help you target more effectively.

Benchmark performance against similar destinations

Gain insights into how you fare against similar or competing destinations.

Advocate, research, and legislate with a high-degree of confidence

Our comprehensive industry dataset provides unmatched clarity on both supply and performance.

Trusted by 45+ leading DMOs

“Short-term rentals hold a slightly different part of the market to hotels so it's useful for us to have that more complete picture. We use Lighthouse data for forward-looking trends, pacing, patterns in visitor profile and more, and have worked with Lighthouse to tailor the dashboard to meet our business needs. This flexibility is something we haven't had with other data partners.”

London & Partners

“The Lighthouse team is incredibly responsive and eager to make the product work for users. We have appreciated the quick turn around and communication as we have worked with the team for the last couple of years. It is particularly helpful to understand visitor preferences for marketing initiatives, and to have data to inform solutions transcending tourism, such as housing affordability.”

Utah Office of Tourism

"We truly enjoy and value our partnership with Lighthouse. It is crucial for DMOs to get this benchmark in order to measure their attractiveness, especially regarding how long guests are staying in their destination, in which neighborhoods they’re spending money and earning the right visitors."

City Destinations Alliance/City DNA

Why Lighthouse?

Accurate, real-time data you can trust

We provide the most comprehensive, complete and reliable data in the industry

Simple, intuitive tools to save you time

Our easy to use, real-time dashboards empower our partners to quickly identify and act on opportunities

The best customer support in the industry

With the highest-rated customer satisfaction in the industry we guarantee peace of mind, with live support no matter what time of day or time zone

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Destination Marketing Organizations

Use Lighthouse to promote optimal growth for their destination

Underpin and evaluate marketing decisions with visitor and demand trends in home and competing markets

Destination Management Organizations

Use Lighthouse to gain clarity on sustainability and compliance

Supply and demand data illuminates your short-term rental landscape, so you can fuel positive socio-economic and environmental outcomes

Ministries of Tourism and Chambers of Commerce

Use Lighthouse to drive legislation and compliance

Develop or advocate for fair and effective policies

Conventions and Visitor Bureaus

Use Lighthouse to support the long-term development

Develop strategic marketing campaigns based on visitor trends and demand sources

Policy institutes, universities, and DMO researchers

Use Lighthouse to conduct in-depth analysis

Leverage flexible data to report on tourism performance and its impacts.

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