Paris 2024: Analyzing the impact of the Olympic Games on Paris's hospitality market

A playbook to unlocking event-driven success for travel & hospitality professionals (available in French and English)

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What is in the report?

  • A study of how hotel and short-term rental prices are evolving in the lead-up to the 2024 Paris Olympic Games

  • An analysis of the forward-looking demand trends for flights and OTA and Meta hotel searches to Paris

  • Examining the ripple effect that the Olympics will have on the wider French market

  • How to implement revenue strategies for events in your market by identifying and acting on demand and pricing trends in the lead-up to events

Why should I read it?

During major events like the Olympics, demand in your market is at its peak, presenting a unique opportunity for you to maximize your profitability.

To do this, hoteliers must be able to sell their rooms at the optimal price. Selling out early and at a lower-than-market rate could mean leaving money on the table, while pricing too high above the market could result in lost bookings. Both scenarios represent missed opportunities.

By examining the case study of the 2024 Olympics in Paris, this report provides a universal blueprint for hoteliers to drive business growth around events.

This can only be achieved by leveraging advanced market, rate, and business intelligence to forecast true demand ahead of an event, adjust pricing and marketing strategies effectively, and analyze business performance to refine strategies.