The five key elements of a successful hotel commercial strategy

Predict, price, distribute, analyze and benchmark

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What is in the free eBook?

A deep dive into hotel commercial strategy, why there is a need to build a holistic commercial strategy at your property, and how best to implement it.

  • Predict: how you can spot demand with forward-looking data, uncover new revenue opportunities, and create more targeted marketing campaigns

  • Price: how to set the right rates and build a successful discounting and promotional strategy with advanced rate intelligence data

  • Distribute: how to monitor disparity and optimize your channel mix

  • Analyze: how you can monitor, analyze and refine the strategies of all commercial teams with a business intelligence solution

  • Benchmark: how you can grow market share by spotting new opportunities and benchmarking KPIs against your competitors

Why should I read the eBook?

The global landscape has changed significantly in recent years, impacting various sectors and prompting a re-evaluation of traditional business models. In the hospitality industry, it has become evident that commercial teams can no longer operate in isolation from each other.

Now is the time to develop a successful commercial strategy and bridge the gaps between departmental silos. By reorienting your commercial strategy, you can move toward more efficient and effective workflows, eclipsing your competition.

But, how do you make this a reality? The answer - the five guiding elements: predict, price, distribute, analyze and benchmark. These five elements are underpinned by technological innovation and enable you to seize new revenue opportunities and unlock your growth potential.