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Track and optimize the effectiveness of your distribution strategy

Turn to Distribution Insight for superior distribution performance. With its proven track record, it consistently improves conversions and booking rates by reducing distribution inefficiencies.

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  • Real-time tracking of shopping, reservations, modifications, and cancellations

  • Collaborative, shareable dashboards, reports, alerts, and data exports that can be effortlessly filtered and modified for specific users

  • Segmented data on channels, OTAs, properties, brands, markets, and rate codes

Why choose Distribution Insight?

  • Distribution Insight aggregates millions of searches, reservations, modifications, and cancellations daily and translates them into actionable insights

  • Optimize your distribution strategy with channel partners and swiftly intervene when deviations occur through instantly available real-time data

  • Master your market with real-time demand tracking and availability

Trusted by 65,000+ hospitality professionals

“In today’s competitive online travel market, it is more important than ever to ensure the seamless running of optimized distribution services for our clients and to have real-time inventory data available to drive profitable decisions. Distribution Insight provides us with timely access to the information we need to make faster, smarter decisions when they matter most.”

Larry Carasco

Operations Director at G2 Travel

“I've worked with the Distribution Insight team for over 10 years, starting as an endpoint consumer and latterly as a consultant, recommending their solution to a number of clients. I'm pleased to say that the product continues to give value, both in business intelligence, as well as in IT operational insight for the technical teams responsible for infrastructure and integrations.”

Chris Anders

Director at Zerosixtwo

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