Market Intelligence

Distribution Insight

Real-time intelligence to optimize distribution performance.
Easily track the effectiveness of your distribution strategy in real-time
Drive conversions and booking success rates by identifying “booking friction"
Optimize your mix of distribution partners
Ensure healthy partner connectivity

Optimize your distribution strategy

Track your shopping, reservations, modifications and cancellations in real-time, giving you the data you need to fully optimize your distribution.

Drive out distribution inefficiencies, aka “booking friction"

Monitor your shopping, reservations, and cancellations in real-time - empowering you with the clarity and precision needed to proactively manage distribution.

Master your market with real-time demand tracking and availability

Keep your finger on the pulse of brands, markets and product demand in real-time.

How Distribution Insight works

With channel partners, information is power

Get the essential data you need to manage key distribution relationships.

Uninterrupted channels, seamless business continuity

Ensure optimized channel performance and swiftly intervene when deviations arise.

Instant decisions, timely results

No more rear view mirror - leverage real-time data to seize immediate opportunities.

Drive distribution process improvement

Use real data and visibility to systematically improve distribution.

Gain the insight needed to oversee critical tech migrations

Monitor and quantify project success using end-to-end distribution KPIs.

Trusted by 65,000+ hospitality professionals

“In today’s competitive online travel market, it is more important than ever to ensure the seamless running of optimized distribution services for our clients and to have real-time inventory data available to drive profitable decisions. Distribution Insight provides us with timely access to the information we need to make faster, smarter decisions when they matter most.”

Larry Carasco

Operations Director at G2 Travel

“I've worked with the Distribution Insight team for over 10 years, starting as an endpoint consumer and latterly as a consultant, recommending their solution to a number of clients. I'm pleased to say that the product continues to give value, both in business intelligence, as well as in IT operational insight for the technical teams responsible for infrastructure and integrations.”

Chris Anders

Director at Zerosixtwo

Distribution Insight FAQs

Who uses Distribution Insight?

Distribution managers and leadership at the corporate level are the primary users for Distribution Insight. They gain real time visibility of distribution processes to drive channel partner optimization, minimize booking friction and maximize conversions.

Revenue Managers and Sales & Marketing managers also use Distribution Insight to gain real-time visibility into demand with granular insight on the performance and contribution of channels, brands, rate codes, individual hotels and more.

Connectivity Managers use Distribution Insight to ensure channel partner availability and connectivity in real time, thereby ensuring business continuity and maximizing conversions.

One platform for everything

Make the most of market demand

Lighthouse helps you understand market demand with accurate insights on hotel booking intent, allowing you to uncover new revenue opportunities.

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