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Short-term rental data and insights for DMOs, tourism boards and public sector institutions. Develop your strategy with insights you can trust.
Measure & map short-term rental supply
Compare data across multiple destinations
Track occupancy, ADR & revenue
Analyze traveler profiles
Leading DMOs trust Destination Insight for short-term rental data
19 million+
Active short-term rental listings tracked
Standard metrics and user-views for complete clarity

The largest and most trusted independent short-term rental database

We scan 19 million+ active listings from Airbnb, Vrbo and, blending them with private industry data feeds to create the most comprehensive dataset on the market.

All of your insights in one platform

No more juggling spreadsheets. See your market through one lens with an intuitive dashboard, featuring instant data downloads and smooth API connections.

Data insights tailored to your specific destination

With our global reach, we provide you with insights tailored to your destination - including supply dynamics, market performance, sustainability metrics, and competitive intelligence.

How Destination Insight works

Visualize short-term rental supply

Track short-term rentals, accurately assess impacts and develop fair regulatory and tax frameworks. Our interactive map reveals unit counts, growth, distribution and more.

A complete view of past, present and future

Monitor performance based on key event analysis, price level, occupancy, revenue and more, both historically and for the year ahead.

Demystify demand: ensure the sustainability of your destination

Build reliable marketing strategies based on demand types, guest profiles, and social, economic and environmental metrics for your market.

Benchmark against comparable destinations

Compare competing destinations and optimize your short-term rental performance.

Customized and actionable solutions, just for you

Built for hospitality experts, by hospitality experts, our team can create tailor-made solutions.

Trusted by 65,000+ hospitality professionals

“Short-term rentals hold a slightly different part of the market to hotels, so it's useful for us to have that more complete picture. We use Lighthouse data for forward looking trends, pacing, patterns in visitor profile and more, and have worked with Lighthouse to tailor the dashboard to meet our business needs. This flexibility is something we haven't had with other data partners.”

London & Partners

“The Lighthouse team is incredibly responsive and eager to make the product work for users. We have appreciated the quick turnaround and communication as we have worked with the team for the last couple of years. The tool is particularly helpful to understand visitor preferences for marketing initiatives, and to have data to inform solutions transcending tourism, such as housing affordability.”

Utah Office of Tourism

“For us it is essential to have data on the evolution of the short-term rental economy. The evolution of the number of properties, occupancy, average prices are key. But, without a doubt, being able to see this data on the competition as a benchmarking tool is also very useful.”

Visit Benidorm

“We truly enjoy and value our partnership with Lighthouse. It is crucial for DMOs to get this benchmark in order to measure their attractiveness, especially regarding how long guests are staying in their destination, in which neighborhoods they’re spending money, and earning the right visitors.”

City Destinations Alliance/City DNA

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Lighthouse helps you understand market demand with accurate insights on hotel booking intent, allowing you to uncover new revenue opportunities.

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